“Oli is the most technical grappler I’ve ever met. His intellectual approach to jiujitsu sets him apart from most of his peers. Whenever I discover a hole in my game, Oli is the first person I turn to. He invariably responds by teaching me a sequence of cutting-edge techniques that usually blow me away in their scope and effectiveness. But perhaps the best thing about him is who he is as a person. You will be hard pressed to find a kinder, harder-working and funnier human being on the mat. I consider it a blessing to both know and train with him.”

Nicolas Gregoriades – Black Belt 2nd Degree & Head Instructor, Jiujitsu Brotherhood


“It’s been my great pleasure to host Oli Geddes on numerous occasions at my academy, Gracie Barra Preston. He is an outstanding teacher and competitor with a very unique and insightful teaching method. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their knowledge and understanding of jiujitsu.”

Paul Hartley – Black belt 1st Degree & Head Instructor, Gracie Barra Preston


“Oli has all the qualities I am looking for in an instructor: An eye for details, friendly, social, non-political and with solid competition and teaching experience to prove that he knows what he is talking about. I’ve had the pleasure of having him teach in my academy in Copenhagen and also at many of the BJJ Globetrotters camps around the world, each time receiving lots of positive feedback from people attending. I highly recommend him as an instructor and/or dancer.”

Christian Graugart – Black Belt 1st Degree & Head Instructor, BJJ Globetrotters


“There are very few people alive that have the same degree of expertise and understanding of jiujitsu that Oli does. All of the techniques that he teaches have been fine-tuned and pressure tested at the highest level of competition. I cannot recommend his teaching highly enough and every BJJ enthusiast should seek out his knowledge!”

Marc Barton – Black Belt & Head Instructor, Jiujitsu Brotherhood London


“We hosted Oli for a week at our academy as a guest instructor; after training with him and loving his classes at a BJJ camp last summer. Oli is a technical and articulate instructor with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience teaching and competing in BJJ. I highly recommend training with Oli to take your game to the next level!”

Brad Wolfson – Black Belt 1st Degree & Head Instructor, Soulcraft BJJ


“Oli Geddes is perhaps the most friendly, funny and knowledgeable instructor I have had the pleasure of training with. His enthusiasm for jiujitsu is infectious and his classes are always good fun.”

Hiren Laxman – Blue Belt